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Christmas gift

Dynatech received its own particular gift this Christmas: the legalisation and commissioning of a panoramic lift, with bidirectional electromechanical safety gear, in the company's reception hall.


On this occasion, the Notified Body responsible for the inspection and commissioning tests was Bureau Veritas. It might be thought that having this type of safety gear might complicate the usual legalisation procedures, due to its novelty and the general lack of knowledge about this technology.

However, nothing could be further from the truth; the inspector strictly followed the standard verification list for any lift and completed each of the points he had to check without any problems.


This lift has a SIL3 positioning system and programmable operation for "sleep mode". Continuing our impartiality with respect to other brands, we will not go into detail about which ones were used in this lift; in any case, many of those available on the market can interact perfectly well with our electromechanical safety gear.


We would like to remind you that our electromechanical safety gears can be remotely monitored and actuated via the sensors they incorporate. They can also act as a safety brake during the initial installation process of the lift in the shaft.


Please come and visit us whenever you like to see and test out this lift. However, should you not be able to do so, we have also provided some photos for you. Just follow the link below:

Poligono Ind. de Pina de Ebro. Sector C.p-9. 50750 Pina de Ebro. Zaragoza-España(Spain)
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