Dynatech Elevation
The Dynatech R&D Department has a great engineering team comprised of different specialists, equipped with cutting-edge design, calculation, testing and validation means:
  • 3D design programs
  • Finite element calculation programs
  • 21-metre tower for free-fall test, able to support the safety gear actions of P+Q  of over 40 tons, instrumented with multiple electronic systems which, thanks to sophisticated software, permit the acquisition and exact interpretation of the test data
  • 50-metre tower, with capacity to control up to three lifts at the same time, where the appropriateness of our components in real installations is verified
  • Cycle machine for speed governors that permit verifying the life span of each system component, simulating the harshest and most demanding conditions
  • Computerised test benches for the verification and calibration of governors
  • Different machines and instruments for laboratory testing and verification 
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