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Santa María de la Esperanza School visited our premises

Last Friday, May 12, 9 students from the 5th year of Santa María de la Esperanza primary school, Pina de Ebro, visited our premises as part of an educational project called "Learning to be an Entrepreneur". The participating students started and are managing a School Cooperative to develop certain key competencies, especially an "Entrepreneurial spirit and sense of initiative".


The visit began with a brief explanation of the company and some explanatory videos. Subsequently, they were shown our R&D, production and quality facilities, where the students were able to learn first-hand about our main processes. They showed great interest in our robotic machining centres, as well as in the rest of the production and control resources.


Despite their young age, only 10 years old, they asked many appropriate and interesting questions during the visit, paying remarkable attention to everything they saw, as well as to all the explanations received from the company staff.


At Dynatech, we continue to make our company known to centres and groups in our region, and promote collaboration with them to be able to establish synergies that result in a common good for the environment where we operate our business.

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